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Palouse Basin Water Summit, October 6, 2009

Pt. 2   LoFi   HiFi
Pt. 4   LoFi   HiFi
Pt. 5   LoFi   HiFi
Pt. 6   LoFi   HiFi

Election 2009
Moscow City Council and Mayor Elections
Candidate Forum #1 - City Council Candidates
Nels Reece, Walter Steed & Autry White
Lofi HiFi
Candidates Forum #2 - City Council Candidates
Scott Billing, Tim Brown, Dennis Deccio & Sue Scott
LoFi HiFi
Candidates Forum #3 - Candidates for Mayor
Nancy Chaney & John Weber
LoFi HiFi

League of Women Voters Forum
Recorded Wed., Oct 21st at Moscow High School
LoFi HiFi

AARP Forum
Recorded Fri., Oct 16th at University Inn
LoFi HiFi

Associated Students of University of Idaho
City Candidates Forum
Recorded Tue., Oct 13th at the UI Commons
Pt.1 LoFi HiFi

Pt. 2 LoFi HiFi

KRFP Candidate Interviews
Nancy Chaney LoFi HiFi
John Weber LoFi HiFi
City Council
Scott Billing LoFi HiFi
Tim Brown LoFi HiFi
Dennis Deccio LoFi HiFi
Nels Reece LoFi HiFi
Sue Scott LoFi HiFi
Walter Steed LoFi HiFi

Pullman City Council Interviews
Ward 3
Dave Gibney LoFi HiFi Jeff Hawbaker LoFi HiFi
Ward 1
Bill Paul LoFi HiFi Jeff Williams
LoFi HiFi

Radio Program hosted by Susan Austin with all 4 interviews LoFi HiFi

Press Conference Introducing University of Idaho President Nellis
LoFi 7 MB | HiFi 29 MB

Moscow Food Coop Workers' Council
Coop Board Candidates' Forum
Recorded Mar. 4, 2009 at the 1912 Center
 Pt. 1   LoFi   9.3 MB   HiFi   53.9 MB   39:50
Pt. 2   LoFi   1.3 MB   HiFi    5.1 MB
 Pt. 3   LoFi   6.2 MB   HiFi   24.2 MB   25:12
  Pt. 4   LoFi   3.7 MB   HiFi   14.6 MB   15:04 

"Dove Creek" a novel by Paula Coomer

A Serialized Radio Reading by the Author
Tuesdays at 7:30 pm beginning Jan. 20
Each Episode Repeats Wednesdays at 1:00 pm
See Details.
Download Episode 1 Here
Download Episode 2 Here
Download Episode 3 Here
Download Episode 4 Here
Download Episode 5 Here
Download Episode 6 Here
Download Episode 7 Here
Download Episode 8 Here
Download Episode 9 Here
  Download Episode 10 Here
  Download Episode 11 Here
  Download Episode 12 Here

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