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  Welcome to our 2006 Archive!  

Zoning Summit - Nov. 9, 2006

MP3             1:04:49             15.8 MG

Live Call-In, Recorded Tues.,
July 11th, 7:30 pm

Featuring Doug Wilson, Pastor of Christ Church & Christ Church critic Keeley Emerine-Mix. Hosted by Steve McGehee

Part One MP3 lofi

Part Two MP3 lofi

Palouse Basin Water Summit
Oct. 3, 2006

Water of the West: Moving Towards a Palouse Basin Water Balance for Sustainable Planning

Jan Ball - UI Biological & Agricultural Engineering

MP3       5:31      1.4 MB

John Bush-UI Geology Prof. Emeritus

MP3     18:31       4.3 MB

Jim Osiensky-UI Hydrogeology

MP3     22:18       5.4 MB

Jerry Fairley-UI Hydrology

MP3     10:13       2.5 MB

Fritz Fiedler-UI Civil Engineering

MP3      20:26      5.1 MB

Chuck Harris-UI Conservation Social Sciences

MP3      16:56      4.0 MB

Palouse Watershed Planning:

Rob Buchert, Palouse Conservation District

Ben Floyd, HDR Engineering

Palouse Basin Water Supply Enhancement:

Byrony Stasney, Golder Associates

Cross-State Cooperative Agreements:

Barbara Cosens, UI College of Law

Helen Harrington, Idaho Dept. of Water Resources

Guy Gregory, Washington Dept. of Ecology

MP3  Part 1      1:05:07     15.2 MB

MP3  Part 2        45:37      10.7 MB

MP3  Part 3        29:24       6.9 MB

Reports Back from Work Groups

MP3                   26:40      6.5 MB

Latah Board of County Commissioners Hearing on Naylor Farms Gravel, Sand and Clay Mine Proposal

Mon., Sept 25

Part 1 MP3

Part 2 MP3

Part 3 MP3

Part 4 MP3

Part 5 MP3

Part 6 MP3

Part 7 MP3

Part 8 MP3

Tues., Sept. 26

Part 1 MP3

Legislature Special Session Coverage

1 hour program featuring Senate debate, interviews with Rep. Shirley Ringo and Sen. Gary Schroeder

Sat. Aug 26 MP3


Iraqi Project Interview
Interview with Iraqis for Non-Violent Solutions visiting London, England

Recorded June 17, 2006


Latah County Commission Candidates-Pos. 1 Interviews. 

Interviews will air on 92.5 FM Monday, May 22 at 7:30 pm, or click below to listen.

Vote Tuesday, May 23rd


     Jennifer Barrett      MP3

     John Arno (did not return phone calls)


     Donald Meyer       MP3

     George Lischer     MP3

     Richard Walser     MP3

     Donald Ball           MP3

Latah County Planning Commission Public Hearing on Comprehensive Re-Write of the County Land Use Ordinance

First 1 hr., 20 min. Only. Recorded by Citizen Journalist Geoff Potter



Moscow School Board Candidates Forum

Put on by Moscow Civic Association.  Recorded Wed. 5-10-06, 1 hr. 28 min.


Cornel West at W.S.U. MP3

1 hr, 28 min. 32 kbps, 22.1 MB
Recorded 2-10-06
Presented by the W.S.U. Black Student Union

Moscow City Council Public Hearing on proposed Big Box Store Ordinance

Recorded Mon, 1-30-06


Moscow Civic Association forum on the economic impact of Super Wal-Mart

Recorded 1-9-06

Part One

Part Two


Moscow Planning & Zoning Commission

Public Input 8/10/05

Should educational institutions be allowed in non-residential zones (especially downtown)?

See 2005 Archive

RSS/XML "Special Events" Podcast

Audio will typically include long segments (frequently unedited) from Moscow, Idaho, concerning matters of interest to the community.
RSS / XML File



Moscow League of Women Voters Forum Oct. 17, 2006

Part 1 State & Congressional Candidates 

MP3     57:49   13.6 MB

Part 2 Legislative & County Candidates

MP3    1:30:50    21.5 MB

Chamber of Commerce Forum Oct. 18

MP3      59:49   13.8 MB

Bush Administration 'Cooperative Conservation' Listening Session, Spokane, WA, Aug. 8, 2006

Includes Press Conference, First 2 Hours of Listening Session, Interviews

Press Conference with Sec. Interior Dirk Kempthorne & E.P.A. Chief Administrator Mike Johnson 

MP3        16:04

Listening Session Pt. 1

MP3     2:01:42

Listening Session Pt. 2

MP3         4:03

Interviews (& End of Listening Session)

MP3       11:33

Moscow Board of Adjustment, Public Hearing on New St. Andrews College application for a Conditional Use Permit for an Educational Institution in the Downtown Business District

Recorded Mar., 28, 2006    32kbps

Part 1a    1:16:24     19 MB

Part 1b       25:58      6 MB

Part 2         29:35      7 MB

Part 3         15:03      4 MB

2nd Hearing, June 29 (additional parking info):

Recorded June 29, 2006 by Mort Demers

Part 1      1:46:57    29 MB

Part 2        16:16      4 MB

Friday half-hour special on Wal-Mart fights in Spokane, Pullman & Moscow 1-27-06

Pullman Wal-Mart Hearing (10 hours)

This is not the entire hearing, but approximately Fri., Jan 13th 10:30 am-2 pm, Fri., Jan 20th 10:30 am - 5 pm and Thu., Jan 26 10:30 am-1pm.

Part 1 1-13-06 1:58:14

Part 2 1-13-06    15:27

Part 3 1-20-06 1:58:48

Part 4 1-20-06    40:51

Part 5 1-20-06    43:21

Part 6 1-20-06 1:57:31

Part 7 1-26-06    57:59

Part 8 1-26-06 1:19:46*

*includes closing arguments

Recorded by Leigh Robartes and Mort Demers

Moscow Planning and Zoning Commission Public Hearing on Big Box Store Ordinance

Recorded Wed., 1-4-06

30 min. highlights program


46 minutes of public comment


Latah County Commissioners Info Meeting on National Forest Roadless Area Comments

recorded 12-8-05

Part 1 Lofi

Part 2 Lofi

Part 3 Lofi


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