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Welcome to our 2007 Audio Archive.


Live, Call-In Radio Forums with Candidates for Moscow City Council All Candidates Have Been Invited

Wed., Oct 24 6:30-7:30 pm ---------Walter Steed & Evan Homes Candidates for 2-Year Term Seat

LoFi   14.5 MB   HiFi   53.7 MB   1:00:44

Mon., Oct 29 6:30-7:30pm -------------Linda Pall & Aaron Ament

LoFi   15.5 MB   HiFi   53.0 MB   1:03:29

Thu., Nov 1 6:30-7:30pm ----------------Tom Lamar & Dan Carscallen

LoFi   9.8 MB   HiFi   36.4 MB   41:35

AARP Candidates Forum Recorded Fri., Oct. 19th at University Inn by Tom Hansen

MP3   15.7 MB   1:08:21

League of Women Voters/Daily News City Council Candidates Forum Recorded Tue., Oct 23, 2007 at Moscow High School

LoFi  29.4 MB   HiFi   90.8 MB   2:02:39

New St. Andrews College City Council Candidates Forum Recorded Fri., Sept. 28, 2007at the NuArt Theatre by KRFP intern Steve Smith

Pt. 1   LoFi   HiFi   1:03:32

Pt. 2   LoFi   HiFi     25:43

Moscow Chamber of Commerce Candidates Forum for City Council Races Recorded Wed., Oct 17 at the University Inn

Pt. 1 Intros   LoFi   HiFi   29:13

Pt. 2 Questions  LoFi   HiFi   46:13

Pt. 3 Closing Statements   LoFi  HiFi   14:12

Panel Discussion after showing of the Film "Iraq in Fragments" Recorded Sun., Oct 14 at the Kenworthy Theatre

LoFi     HiFi     46:21

Introductory KRFP Interviews with Moscow City Council Candidates Recorded Aug./Sept. 2007. Election is Nov. 6th

4 Year Terms (vote for up to 3):

Linda Pall   LoFi   HiFi  

Wayne Krauss   LoFi   HiFi

Tom Lamar   LoFi   HiFi

Dan Carscallen   LoFi   HiFi

Aaron Ament   LoFi   HiFi

2 Year Term (vote for one):

Evan Holmes   LoFi   HiFi

Walter Steed   LoFi   HiFi

Candidates who dropped out: David Uberuaga (4 yr term), Aimee Shipman (2 yr term)

Memorial Service for Moscow City Council Member John Dickinson Recorded Sat., Sept. 15, 2007 by KRFP Intern Kate Johnston

MP3     1:08:56

LoFi     16.3 MB

HiFi      65.0 MB

Talk by Valarie Tarico author of The Dark Side: How Evangelical Teachings Corrupt Love and Truth.

This Seattle Psychologist Spoke at the Northwest Progressive Conference at Washington State University April 21, 2007.

MP3     1:29:24

LoFi     21.0 MB

HiFi     76.0 MB

North Latah Highway District Commission Candidates. Election: Tuesday, August 7th. Polls Locations are the Latah County Fairgrounds in Moscow, the Troy Lions Club Community Building, the Scenic Six Park Building in Potlatch, and the Deary Community Center. The winning candidate will serve for 4 years, and join Highway Commissioners Verle Brown and Arnold Arneberg, who have two years left in their terms. Polls will be open from 8 am to 8pm. The first question: "What does a Highway Commissioner do, and how will you impact the County if elected?"

Charles Bond       3:45       MP3

Michelle Fuson       5:17       MP3

Donald Olson       2:48       MP3

Monte McMillan       2:48       MP3

Water Sustainability Forum Recorded April 30, 2007 Panelists: UI Assistant Prof. of Geology & Hydrogeology Jerry Fairly, UI Associate Prof. of Engineering & Hydrology, Palouse Water Conservation Network Co-Founder Bill French, UI Associate Law Prof. Barbara Cosens

Pt. 1     1:03:39    LoFi     HiFi ................................................... Pt. 2       54:20     LoFi     HiFi

Memorial Service for Moscow Police Officer Lee Newbill Recorded Fri., May 25, 2007 at the ASUI Kibbie Dome by KRFP Citizen Journalist Sandi Billings

MP3     1:21:29

LoFi     19.3 MB
HiFi      77.1 MB

Police Press Conference on Sniper Incident, Mon., May 21st Recorded by KRFP Citizen Journalist Mort Demers

Pt. 1       41:51
LoFi     10.4 MB
HiFi      40.4 MB

Pt. 2        6:07
LoFi       1.4 MB
HiFi        5.9 MB

Police Press Conference on Sniper Incident, Sun., May 20th

LoFi       MP3      HiFi   MP3      

Howie Wolke Wolke is on the Board of Wilderness Watch and a wilderness guide. He spoke on April 20, 2007 at the 1912 Building in Moscow. Recorded by Gary MacFarlane

Pt. 1     1:01:45
LoFi     15.1 MB
HiFi      43.6 MB

Pt. 2       18:40
LoFi       4.6 MB
HiFi       12.9 MB

Panel Discussion Islam: A Civilization, A Faith Chaplain James T. Yee, author of " For God and Country: Faith and Patriotism Under Fire" a Muslim US Army Chaplain accused & then exonerated of aiding terrorists while working with prisoners at Guantanamo, Dr. S.M. Ghazanfar, UI Professor Emeritus and former Department Chair within the College of Business and Economics, Humberto Cerillo (ASUI President), Professor Nicholas Gier (UI), Professor Monica Schurtman (UI), Professor Robert Staab (WSU), Dr. Gail Stearns (WSU). Recorded Sat., Mar. 31, 2007 by Mikelah French

Pt. 1   1:42:51
LoFi     26.1 MB
HiFi     99.4 MB

Pt. 2     14:14
LoFi     3.6 MB
HiFi     13.8 MB

Development in the Moscow-Pullman Corridor: UI Economics Club Debate Mark Solomon of the Moscow Water Conservation Network & UI Accounting Professor Jeff Harkins, Recorded Thu., April 12, 2007.  Recorded by Jill Maxwell, Antone Holmquist & Chris Benson.  

MP3     1:24:21
LoFi     20.1 MB
HiFi      80.2 MB

Moscow Police Press Conference on Murder of UI Student David Boss Thanks to KQQQ for technical assistance, April 4, 2007, Moscow City Hall

MP3     22:58
LoFi     5.9 MB
HiFi    22.3 MB

UI Ungulate Biologist Jim Peek speaking on Wolves and Ecosystem Feb. 2007 UI Law School Courtroom

MP3     1:25:01
HiFi    79.7 MB
LoFi   19.9 MB

Moscow Civic Association Forum on Public Transit 2-26-07

Panelists in order of appearance: Peg Motley, Owner of Wheatland Express, Tom LaPointe, CEO of Valley Transit, Michael Kyte, UI Director of National Institute for Advanced Transportation, Lloyd Mues, University of Idaho Vice President of Finance & Administration, Gary Reidner, Moscow City Supervisor, Walter Steed, Chair, Moscow Transportation Commission

Pt. 1     16:51
LoFi MP3    3.9 MB
HiFi MP3   15.6 MB         

Pt. 2     28:24
LoFi MP3    6.6 MB
HiFi MP3   26.4 MB   

Pt. 3  1:02:08
LoFi MP3   14.5 MB
5 HiFi MP3    57.2 MB        

Climate Change Forum 2-15-07
Ethical, Moral & Personal Perspectives

Panelists: Michael Nelson, UI Philosophy Prof., Sister Carol Ann Wassmuth, Caretaker of 1000 Acre Forest at St. Gertrude Monastery, Jamie Nekich, UI Psychology

LoFi MP3     1:30:54     21.2 MB

HiFi MP3     1:30:54     85.7 MB

Christ Church Event - Critique of 'Our Town' film. Doug Wilson, Nick Gier, Jackie Wolff

Recorded Jan 31, 2007 at Univ. of Idaho Student Union Bldg. Note: We only recorded approx. 43 minutes of the program.

Lofi MP3     43:37     11.1 MB

Hifi MP3      43:37     41.6 MB

Climate Change Forum 2-8-07
U.S. Geological Survey research scientist Mike Scott

MP3     1:36:34     23MB

Latah County Human Rights Task Force MLK Day Breakfast

3:58      0.9 MB

Rosa Parks Award
MP3      21:34     5.0 MB

Leonard Pitts, Jr. Keynote
MP3      40:46    9.6 MB

MP3      40:46    28.5 MB



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Moscow City Council Administrative Committee Hearing on Proposed Changes to Noise Ordinance Mon., Nov 13

LoFi   HiFi   1:05:00

Moscow City Council Administrative Committee Hearing on Proposed Changes to Noise Ordinance Mon., Oct 22

LoFi   HiFi   48:54

Moscow Civic Association Forum: "Smart Economic Growth For A Prosperous Moscow: Attracting High Tech Businesses and Well-Paying Jobs." Mon., Oct 22 at the 1912 Building

LoFi   HiFi   1:17:18

Palouse Basin Water Summit Recorded Tues., Oct. 2 at the Schweitzer Events Center in Pullman by KRFP Citizen Journalist Jerry Swenson.

Pt. 1 1:09:15

Pt. 2A 50:00

Pt. 2B 1:08:29

Pt. 2C 14:07

Pt. 3A 27:08

Pt. 3B 1:36:38

Pt. 3C 16:54

Pt. 4 1:14:09 Q&A

Buy Locally Moscow Panel Sponsored by the Moscow Civic Assoc., Greater Moscow Alliance & Moscow Chamber of Commerce. Recorded Mon., Sept. 24, 2007 by Citizen Journalist Rick Hensley

MP3   1:23:44

LoFi   20.4 MB

HiFi   78.8 MB

Moscow City Council Public Hearing on Amendments to Large Retail Establishment (Big Box) Ordinance Recorded, Mon., May 7, 2007. The Council tabled the issue until it's Monday, May 21st meeting at 7pm at City Hall

MP3   1:18:56
LoFi   19.5 MB
HiFi    55.6 MB

Public Policy Summit: Impact of HJR2, Idaho's Constitutional Amendment on Marriage and Same Sex Partnerships Recorded Fri, Mar 30 at UI Law School. Featuring UI Law School Associate Dean Liz Brandt and Moscow Family Law Attorney Anne Dwelle. Recorded by Leigh Robartes

Pt. 1  1:22:31
LoFi  19.6 MB
HiFi   78.2 MB

Pt. 2    3:10
LoFi    0.8 MB
HiFi     3.1 MB

Public Policy Summit: Review of 2007 Idaho Legislative Session Recorded Fri., March 30 at UI Law School. Featuring Idaho ACLU Legislative Counsel Hannah Saola & Wendy Morgan of the Idaho Women's Network. Recorded by Mary Kathryn Rountree

MP3  1:32:54
LoFi  22.7 MB
HiFi   89.4 MB

Climate Change Forum 3-22-07
What You Can Do
Featuring: Michael Jennings, Nature Conservancy (Joined in Progress); Al Poplawsky, Palouse Group of the Sierra Club; Scott Fedale, Moscow Health & Environment Commission Chair; Nils Peterson, local activist: Will Boyd, Friends of the Clearwater; Evan Goodstein, Focus the Nation Project Director

Pt.1  54:24   
LoFi MP3     13.0 MB
HiFi MP3      51.6 MB

Pt.2      6:16
LoFi MP3      1.6 MB
HiFi MP3       6.0 MB

Talk Show with Mohamed Elowny ................. UI Doctoral Candidate in Political Science

Review of Middle East & Iraq Exit Strategy, April 3, 2007


Talk Show on Archies on the Square Controversy

HiFi MP3     LoFi MP3

Interview with Tom Hopper Conducted by Al Chidester 3-25-07

HiFi MP3     LoFi MP3

Interview with Jim Johnson, owner of Archies on the Square 3-27-07

HiFi MP3     LoFi MP3

Climate Change Forum 3-1-07 Transportation & Energy Efficiency

Pt.1     19:41
LoFi MP3    5.7 MB
HiFi MP3   18.7 MB

Pt.2     37:17
LoFi MP3    9.3 MB
HiFi MP3   35.9 MB

Pt.3     21:35
LoFi MP3    5.1 MB
HiFi MP3   20.6 MB

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