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KRFP's David Jerusalem interviews Chuck Whitman, Director of Northern Idaho Services for the Idaho Food Bank Recorded Wed., Nov. 26, 2008 2-3 pm

MP3   59:50   40.8 MB

Vandana Shiva at WSU
Recorded Wed., Nov. 5, 2008

Intro                 HiFi   LoFi
Speech Pt. 1   HiFi   LoFi
Speech Pt. 2   HiFi   LoFi
Q&A                 HiFi   LoFi  

Jeremy Scahill in Spokane, author of "Blackwater: The Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army "
Recorded Tues., Sept. 30, 2008
Speech & Interview about Blackwater in Northern Idaho
Interview with Bonnie Douglas of Peace CDA

League of Women Voters Candidates Forum
Recorded Wed., Oct 29th at Moscow High School
Part 1  - County Candidates           HiFi  LoFi    
Part 2  - Legislative Candidates   HiFi   LoFi

Palouse Water Summit Oct 7, 2008 - 128 kbps MP3's
Disc1Pt1A   Disc1Pt1B   Kieth Stoffel WA DOE   Bryony Stasney
Disc2Pt1B   Disc3Pt1   Disc3Pt2   Disc3Pt2B   Disc4Pt1   Disc4Pt2

Recorded by Citizen Journalist Jerry Swensen
KRFP Presents Live, Call-in Candidate Forums, all at 6:30 pm.
Listen! Call In! Be an Educated Voter!
Mon., Oct 13th 6:30 pm - County Prosecutor
Brian Thie / Bill Thompson, Jr. MP3: HiFi LoFi

Tues., Oct 14th 6:30 pm-County Commission
Jennifer Barrett / Carl Hulquist MP3: HiFi LoFi

Mon., Oct 20th 6:30 pm-Idaho House Dist 6, Pos. A
Judy Brown / Tom Trail MP3: HiFi LoFi

Tues., Oct. 21st 6:30 pm-Latah County Sheriff
Wayne Rausch / Keith Wilson MP3: HiFi LoFi

Mon., Oct 27th 6:30 pm-Idaho House Dist 6, Pos. B
Bob Hassoldt / Shirley RingoMP3: HiFi LoFi

Thurs., Oct 30th 6:30 pm-Idaho Senate Dist 6
Gary Schroeder / Sheldon Vincenti MP3: HiFi LoFi

From the Archives:
Moscow Civic Association Panel on the Feasibility of Building a Reservoir for Moscow
Recorded 10-9-06

LoFi   18.7 MB   HiFi   56.5 MB   1:21:00

Wed., Apr 30, 2008
League of Women Voters Program with Phil Gray of the Moscow Police Dept. "How to Recognize Drug Use in the Community"
Recorded by KRFP Citizen Journalist David Jerusalem.

LoFi   14.0 MB   HiFi   42.0 MB   1:00:07

Wed., Apr 23, 2008
League of Women Voters Program with District 6 Legislators Sen. Gary Schroeder, Rep. Shirley Ringo & Rep. Tom Trail
Recorded by KRFP Citizen Journalist David Jerusalem.

Pt. 1   LoFi    9.6 MB   HiFi   36.9 MB
Pt. 2   LoFi    5.6 MB   HiFi   21.4 MB

Wed., Mar 19, 2008
League of Women Voters Program with Greater Moscow Alliance Chair Steve Busch and Moscow Civic Association President Bruce Livingston
Recorded by KRFP Citizen Journalist David Jerusalem.

Lo-Fi   11.8 MB   Hi-Fi   42.7 MB   50:22

Sat., Mar 22, 2008
Anti-War Rally
Friendship Square, Moscow

LoFi   14.5 MB     HiFi   59.1 MB   1:01:26

Tue., Mar 4............................................................................ Panel Discussion on Hawkins Water Sale Panelists: Moscow City Council Members Wayne Krauss & Tom Lamar, Gerard Connelly, Owner of Tri-State, Dennis Baird, Owner of the Wine Company of Moscow.  Sponsored by the Moscow Civic Association, The Moscow Chamber of Commerce & The Palouse Water Conservation Network.

Pt.1    LoFi  14.1 MB   HiFi   43.0 MB   1:01:28
Pt. 2   LoFi  16.1 MB   HiFi   49.0 MB   1:10:32

Mon., Mar 3
City Council Votes to Support Employee Insurance Policy Despite Lawsuit Threat

Pt.1   LoFi   14.4 MB   HiFi   42.8 MB   1:00:50
Pt.2   LoFi   10.8 MB   HiFi   31.8 MB      47:00

Thu., Feb 28
Interview with Moscow City Attorney Randy Fife on the Legality of the City Selling Water to a Private Entity Across a State Line

LoFi   4.6 MB   HiFi   18.1 MB   18:43

Mon., Feb 25
Moscow Council Administative Committee considers Employee Insurance Policy in light of Deputy Attorney General's Opinion

LoFi   12.9 MB   HiFi   51.5 MB   52:26

Preliminary Discussion at City Council 2-19-08 MP3 8:11

Wed., Feb 20 Chamber of Commerce Monthly Business Forum Luncheon w/ State of the City Address by Moscow Mayor Nancy Chaney

LoFi   9.4 MB   HiFi   38.2 MB   39:24

Mon., Feb. 4 10:50-11:46pm
Council Sells Water Rights to Hawkins Companies

LoFi   12.8 MB   HiFi   50.7 MB   51:49

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Listen to 2007 audio and earlier recordings.

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